About Us

Since the year 1998 marketers have relied on our industry leading media properties to build stronger brands, generate greater leads, create more exclusive relationships and drive lucrative sales. Our years of combined experience in pioneering technologies, and online/offline marketing expertise are proven by our track record.

In a fast paced world, and faster paced industry, we continue to develop quality results-driven solutions to your unique marketing challenges. From offline brick-and-mortar shops seeking web presence, to Fortune 1000 companies competing for top brand image - rely on Powered by People for all your web marketing needs.

Powered by The People was formed in 2004 to create a serious and professional presence in the on-line marketing arena. Our aim is to provide the best affiliate marketing network in the world. We understand that our role is three-fold:

- To provide a secure and robust network to track and report on commercial transactions.
- To act as an easy and hassle-free financial and communication conduit between merchants and affiliates.
- To provide cutting edge tools to enable affiliates and merchants to manage their programmes simply and effectively With a dynamic team of professionals devoted to serve you competently, we have since inception aspired to facilitate marketers and derive optimal sales through the internet. With a vision for the future, we work towards establishing Powered by People as the quintessential guide to marketing on the World Wide Web.

Moshe Israel - President

Moshe Israel is founder of Powered By The People™ and CEO, his entrepreneurial vision has transformed the online marketing field making him one of the leading experts involved in lead generation, organic search engine optimization, statistical analysis, affiliate marketing and web design in the service industry sector throughout the USA. With over 12 years of experience building and managing different Internet Companies Moshe is well versed in the day to day operation of managing businesses. Some of Moshe's other companies have included Compare Hit an online price comparison website offering savings to consumers and Top Moving Company 4 U ™ one of the leading moving company money saving websites in the USA.

Einav Israel - Vice President (VP) of Client Services

Einav Israel is the Vice President of Client Services at Powered By The People™, and has been with the company from its initial creation. A key part of the customer relations aspect of the company, Einav not only advices each and every member on the proper ways to deal with customers, but also is a visionary in ways to improve the customers experience across every platform.

Steven Bradley - Executive Vice President

Steven Bradley is an Executive Vice President at Powered By The People™, and has been with the company from its initial creation. Advancing on more than six years of Internet marketing experience. Steven specializes in product vision, marketing, social media and management. With helping shape the company in to the success it is today, he works closely with management to build new business sectors that offer value in the marketplace.

Rafael Nahom - Executive Vice President

Rafael Nahom is one the Executive Vice Presidents at Powered By The People™, and has been with the company from its initial creation. Rafael started in the industry learning basic programming from the company's CEO Moshe and quickly grew not just in his programming abilities but in his ability to manage an office and run day-to-day operations of the company. Anything from customer service, tech support and figuring out the best direction for the company, is not out of reach and within his abilities.

Mike - Vice President (VP) of International Sales